All ladies want a squirting orgasmPart of being a guy is a drive to be the guy who leads the pack above all others. Nowhere is that more true than in the bedroom. You’re not a real man if you don’t want to be the best lover any girl you’ve ever been with has ever had. The way to be the best lover any girl has ever had is to give her the hardest, wildest, the most intense climax of her life. But how do you do that?

There are a few different ways, and which method you would be best off employing depends on several factors, the most important being which one comes the most naturally to you, and take into account that masturbation is also an option. Don’t worry; you’ll have a better idea of that when you finish reading below. In time, you want to be able to utilize all three of these methods at will so you always have a way to make your girl climax hard. Remember that every girl is different, and sometimes you will be with a girl who doesn’t respond to one method but responds very well to one of the others.

Here are three ways to get a girl to have a screaming, squirting climax during intercourse as she has never had before.

1. Fluttering fingers! Simply put, this is where you make your girl climax hard by stimulating her clitoris with your fingers. This sounds simple, but there are a few very specific things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you probably won’t be able to give her a hard climax using just your fingers and nothing else. In other words, the fingering should be done during intercourse to provide that added stimulation to push her over the edge. My favorite position which I think makes it very easy to utilize this technique is when I’m on my back, and my girl is riding on top. Another option is doggy style with you reaching around. One more thing to keep in mind. The clitoris is very delicate, and your fingers are stronger than you think. Be very gentle at all times and do not use too much pressure!

2. A talented tongue! There isn’t a woman on the planet who doesn’t enjoy receiving oral sex. The better you are at performing this, the more satisfied the girls you sleep with will be. I like to start off slow, tease the area around her vagina a lot, then when she’s into it I start focusing on her clitoris. I start out by trying several different motions, and I read her body language to figure out which one she’s responding the best too. Once I figure that out, I “stay the course” until she has an explosive orgasm. Another bonus to doing it this way is once she climaxes, she will be extremely wet, and it will feel much better when you’re inside her!

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3. A long, thick penis! Simply put, the easiest way to give your girl the hardest orgasms of her life is to create more friction, more intense sensations than she has ever experienced during intercourse by thrusting in and out of her with a penis that is much longer and thicker than average. I’ve been only 5.5 inches, and now I’m very well endowed, and I can tell you point blank that being well above average is better than being below average. The reaction I get from women now is so much better than it was before. I used natural enlargement exercises to increase my penis size permanently, and I started seeing my first gains within two weeks.