make her cumThere’s nothing as glorious to a girl as achieving an orgasm. It’s something every girl yearns for every time they make love. The sad truth is that very few men can make a girl cum.

See, achieving an orgasm for a girl is a long process. However, it’s very easy for you as a man to make her cum if you play your cards well. You don’t just jump on her, insert your manhood, and ejaculate. It doesn’t work that way.

First, you need to have tools that will help you drive her crazy in bed.

So, what do you need?

• A good-sized manhood
Many people will low self esteem and small penises will often say,” Your size doesn’t matter. It just depends on how you use it”. This is a total lie. The truth is that a bigger manhood will satisfy your girl easier and faster than a small one.
The secret about a female orgasm is touching the walls of her vagina. It’s on the walls that you will get to touch her G spot. This is where all the pleasure lies. But how will you give her a breath-taking orgasm and violent gushing of her juices with a small manhood? This can be very difficult.
First, work on the size of your dick and get some muscles. In short, be sexually fit.

• Porn star energy
Apart from a big dick, you need a lot of energy to be able to maintain an erection long enough for your girl to cum. Skinny girls may take longer to achieve an orgasm than the fat ones. All in all, you need to last long enough to satisfy your partner. Pleasure doesn’t just end at an orgasm. Furthermore, she needs multiple orgasms.
Where do you get the porn star energy? Well, there are awesome supplements that you can use to boost your performance. They are all organic and you don’t have to worry about side effects. They can boost your libido, energy, and even increase your loads. You don’t know how much girls value sweet, loads of semen.

3 ways of making her cum

Once you’re equipped with these two things, it’s now time to get things going. How do you make her cum? Check this out.

1. Invest your time on foreplay
Unlike a man who can just see an attractive lady and have an erection, women are different. You will need a lot of time to just prepare her. Kiss her, caress her best spots, pull her hair gently, lick her nipples, and go down on her. You can also give her some finger if she likes.
This is the time when she gradually turns on and starts dancing to your tunes.
Foreplay is crucial as it brings your girl in the mood of having sex. In addition, it lubricates her vagina well so that your penis can penetrate smoothly. Make sure she is super horny before going to the next step.
2. Know what she enjoys and pay attention
Every girl responds to stimulations differently. You need to know what your girl likes. Is she the exploring type? Will she enjoy anal more than vaginal penetration? Does she like sex toys incorporated? Which touch drives her crazy?
If you don’t have all this information, don’t be afraid to ask.
Make sure you don’t sound like a HR guy interviewing new employees. It can be something like,” Aww babe, do you like it?”
Touch all the right places. Penetrate the depth she likes and explore all her favorite positions.
3. Do it like a pro
By now, you must have watched so many porn movies. Does the guy start in the missionary position and finish in the same position? Oh no. Women hate guys that can’t explore.
Change positions, alternate between pumping and touching, and do to her all the crazy things. Make sure she screams in pleasure and let out jets of squirt. 
Know how to achieve a complete erection and maintain it. How disappointing it can be if you finish before her!
Know when she’s enjoying and keep up the game. In no time, you will see her shaking in pleasure.

The awful reality is that many girls have never had an orgasm. This is why men need to up their game. Is your girl covered? Are you giving her multiple orgasms? If not, you need to do something. Increase your manhood size, get some energy, and increase your loads. This is the starter pack to a breath-taking orgasm.