Is there a possibility to ejaculate more like a man? Yes. Different men have various different thoughts on the possibility of them being able to cum more than twice. Many men view the possibility of cumming twice as a lie since most of them say a person needs to take an hour after cumming or taking a few days off sexual intercourse in order to make your body more sensitive.

After the ejaculation process in men, most of them have roughly around 30 minute’s period for the refractory process to occur. During the refractory period, the man’s body relaxes before it is able to recharge for the next period of sexual intercourse. This is different compared to women who require you to continually fuck them harder.

Since no one would like to look like a failure after ejaculation, here are some of the important techniques a man should use to ejaculate more than three times.

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An important question we should ask yourself is there any benefit of being able to come more than twice? The answer is yes. A brain research scan done on men when they are ejaculating showed that their brains were more active and brighter making their brains to have the capability of processing things much faster.

A scientific study was also done on men who were experiencing migraines by dividing them into two different groups; those that will not have sex and those that would not. The scientist was able to discover that the individuals who did not have sex were still being affected by migraines.

A third of the individuals who engaged in sexual intercourse were happy since the migraine was over and were feeling better while the remaining fraction reported that they were still experiencing migraine but was in a less severe manner. This was as a result of the brains of the individuals releasing endorphins which makes a person feel good while ejaculating and also act as a pain reliever.

3 important techniques to ejaculate more for men

The ability of a man being able to ejaculate more requires much hard work patience and persistence. This can be done when a person practices not to ejaculate and as a result, the 30 minutes taken for refractory will not occur. This can be achieved by practicing the following steps below.

1. Practice doing the Kegel exercises.
A person is required to do the exercise which helps them hold their ejaculation. This can be achieved by being able to locate pubococcygeal(PC) muscles and holding them for at least 10 times a day for 5 seconds.

2. Try testing yourself.
After holding your muscles for a week or more, try to masturbate. When you are at the climax try to contract the PC muscles for about 5 seconds before relaxing. A person is likely to be disappointed for the first and probably the second time but this will improve with time.

3. Practice regularly with your partner.
Practicing regularly with your partner gives you much experience. Fuck your partner hard as you can and when you are almost to cumming try contracting your PC muscles for minutes 5 or more relax then continue having sex. This will make both of you experience much pleasure.

In conclusion
It is important for a man to be able to ejaculate more so as to increase the pleasure during sexual intercourse.