While millions of women are drowning in relationships where they are not sexually satisfied, a lot of men too are suffering. Low sperm count and weak erections not only affect a man’s self-esteem but also their ability to enjoy sex. The truth is, if you cannot get hard enough and sustain that erection for long, your sexual pleasure will be as limited as that of the woman. Shooting a small load also means that your climax will only last for a few seconds and then it’s over. It also means you cannot go for take two because your sperm production is slow and you need a longer time to recover.

What Causes Low Sperm Count

Low sperm production is caused by low testosterone levels. The hormonal depreciation comes as a result of poor diet and other lifestyle habits that cause a man to produce less sperms. This means that the only way to remedy this problem is to go back to eating the right foods and living a life that supports healthy sperm production.

What is Shoot Ropes?

Shoot ropes is not a magic pill or cream that promises to encourage your body to produce more sperms. It is a program designed to help men who are ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes to see the desired results. The truth is, no pill or cream can make your body do something in the long run. The tips and tricks in the Shoot Ropes Program have been derived from years of research and interviews with top pornstars who make other men feel like failures.

What You Get From Shoot Ropes Program

The program consists of five major parts that cover:

  1. Secrets to a pornstars diet. You will get all the details of super foods that boost testosterone levels and libido. You also get to know the foods that are bad for you in that department.
  2. Supplements that work. In this guide, you will find out what supplements work and when to take them. The internet is full of natural supplements that promise to transform your sex life but they rarely work because the body rejects the phytochemicals used in those pills.
  3. Tips and tricks to enhance testosterone levels. This includes lifestyle changes and habits you should adopt and those you must discard to transform your body.
  4. 12 hints on amazing orgasm. You get hands-on tricks that you can use daily to boost your performance. If you follow the methods, you will enjoy increased stamina, hard erections and control over when you ejaculate.
  5. Finally, proven techniques that are sure to increase your ejaculation volume and power.

As a bonus, the author David Mclaren gives you a recipe for a powerful smoothie used by pornstars to boost strength and semen volume. You also get another bonus called “Secrets to a Tasty Load” which outlines the foods and drinks you can have to make your semen taste amazing.


  • it is a lifestyle change so it’s completely safe
  • produces quick results
  • the program is easy to follow and understand


If you have suffered from low sperm count and lazy erections, you might have tried all sorts of supplements with no relief, but this one is different. The Shoot Ropes program is guaranteed to give you up to 700% improvement with a money back guarantee. It will not just benefit your sex life but your overall health as well.