Hot Woman Waiting to be WhisperedTalk to her about sex: It may sound like a shock to some of you but talking to a girl about sex in the right context will get her in the mood to want to have it. The trick is to bring it up in the right context. You are obviously not going to bring it up when you first meet her. Otherwise, you will look desperate and like a pervert. However, once you built attraction if you naturally bring up the topic of sex in a playful matter, you will be surprised about the results. The key is to find out what she enjoys about sex, what she feels when she is enjoying sex and then telling her you can provide her with that feeling. It is about getting her in the right mood by getting her to talk about it.

Massage her: Did you know that roughly 2/3 of massages with the opposite sex in an intimate environment end up in sex? Well, believe it. That is what a recent survey revealed. The next time you are alone with her offer to give her a massage. Tell her you are an expert. This will sexually stimulate her.

Make her jealous: As well, try to create jealousy in her by not being around every time. Sometimes you may need to turn down some of her invitations; this may be hard, but you have to do it. It will help you to be valued anytime you are around her. Limit your time with her. If you are finding it hard to do this, you can pick up some hobbies that can be taking some of your time or you can get involved in some sporting activities.

Touch her always: One thing you must be conversant with is your ability to be touching your girlfriend any time you are together. Ladies love to be touched every time especially when it is a man they love. It gives them a sense of care and love. Show your girlfriend you’re not like other men. Show her you’re sensitive and caring by touching her frequently. Allow her to rest her head on you any time you are sitting close to each other, make her lie on your lap and fond her ear lobe or her cheek. This goes a long way in communicating your caring ability to her, and it is a good point to start the romance.

Give her an orgasm: This is at a more advanced stage. I am presuming by the point you get to this step, you will have already spoken to her about sex and given her a massage. Now if you want to be certain that she will want to have sexual intercourse with you, then give her an orgasm. The way you do that is while you are giving her a massage transition into rubbing her clitoris. Once you start massaging her clitoris, she will feel very horny, and that will lead to an orgasm. In fact, most women can only orgasm from clitoris stimulation. Once she orgasms and is wet, she will desperately want you to have sexual intercourse with her!