3 Techniques to Ejaculate More for Men

Is there a possibility to ejaculate more like a man? Yes. Different men have various different thoughts on the possibility of them being able to cum more than twice. Many men view the possibility of cumming twice as a lie since most of them say a person needs to take an hour after cumming or taking a few days off sexual intercourse in order to make your body more sensitive.

After the ejaculation process in men, most of them have roughly around 30 minute’s period for the refractory process to occur. During the refractory period, the man’s body relaxes before it is able to recharge for the next period of sexual intercourse. This is different compared to women who require you to continually fuck them harder.

Since no one would like to look like a failure after ejaculation, here are some of the important techniques a man should use to ejaculate more than three times.

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An important question we should ask yourself is there any benefit of being able to come more than twice? The answer is yes. A brain research scan done on men when they are ejaculating showed that their brains were more active and brighter making their brains to have the capability of processing things much faster.

A scientific study was also done on men who were experiencing migraines by dividing them into two different groups; those that will not have sex and those that would not. The scientist was able to discover that the individuals who did not have sex were still being affected by migraines.

A third of the individuals who engaged in sexual intercourse were happy since the migraine was over and were feeling better while the remaining fraction reported that they were still experiencing migraine but was in a less severe manner. This was as a result of the brains of the individuals releasing endorphins which makes a person feel good while ejaculating and also act as a pain reliever.

3 important techniques to ejaculate more for men

The ability of a man being able to ejaculate more requires much hard work patience and persistence. This can be done when a person practices not to ejaculate and as a result, the 30 minutes taken for refractory will not occur. This can be achieved by practicing the following steps below.

1. Practice doing the Kegel exercises.
A person is required to do the exercise which helps them hold their ejaculation. This can be achieved by being able to locate pubococcygeal(PC) muscles and holding them for at least 10 times a day for 5 seconds.

2. Try testing yourself.
After holding your muscles for a week or more, try to masturbate. When you are at the climax try to contract the PC muscles for about 5 seconds before relaxing. A person is likely to be disappointed for the first and probably the second time but this will improve with time.

3. Practice regularly with your partner.
Practicing regularly with your partner gives you much experience. Fuck your partner hard as you can and when you are almost to cumming try contracting your PC muscles for minutes 5 or more relax then continue having sex. This will make both of you experience much pleasure.

In conclusion
It is important for a man to be able to ejaculate more so as to increase the pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Ways To Get Her To Have A Screaming, Squirting Climax During Sex

All ladies want a squirting orgasmPart of being a guy is a drive to be the guy who leads the pack above all others. Nowhere is that more true than in the bedroom. You’re not a real man if you don’t want to be the best lover any girl you’ve ever been with has ever had. The way to be the best lover any girl has ever had is to give her the hardest, wildest, the most intense climax of her life. But how do you do that?

There are a few different ways, and which method you would be best off employing depends on several factors, the most important being which one comes the most naturally to you, and take into account that masturbation is also an option. Don’t worry; you’ll have a better idea of that when you finish reading below. In time, you want to be able to utilize all three of these methods at will so you always have a way to make your girl climax hard. Remember that every girl is different, and sometimes you will be with a girl who doesn’t respond to one method but responds very well to one of the others.

Here are three ways to get a girl to have a screaming, squirting climax during intercourse as she has never had before.

1. Fluttering fingers! Simply put, this is where you make your girl climax hard by stimulating her clitoris with your fingers. This sounds simple, but there are a few very specific things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you probably won’t be able to give her a hard climax using just your fingers and nothing else. In other words, the fingering should be done during intercourse to provide that added stimulation to push her over the edge. My favorite position which I think makes it very easy to utilize this technique is when I’m on my back, and my girl is riding on top. Another option is doggy style with you reaching around. One more thing to keep in mind. The clitoris is very delicate, and your fingers are stronger than you think. Be very gentle at all times and do not use too much pressure!

2. A talented tongue! There isn’t a woman on the planet who doesn’t enjoy receiving oral sex. The better you are at performing this, the more satisfied the girls you sleep with will be. I like to start off slow, tease the area around her vagina a lot, then when she’s into it I start focusing on her clitoris. I start out by trying several different motions, and I read her body language to figure out which one she’s responding the best too. Once I figure that out, I “stay the course” until she has an explosive orgasm. Another bonus to doing it this way is once she climaxes, she will be extremely wet, and it will feel much better when you’re inside her!

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3. A long, thick penis! Simply put, the easiest way to give your girl the hardest orgasms of her life is to create more friction, more intense sensations than she has ever experienced during intercourse by thrusting in and out of her with a penis that is much longer and thicker than average. I’ve been only 5.5 inches, and now I’m very well endowed, and I can tell you point blank that being well above average is better than being below average. The reaction I get from women now is so much better than it was before. I used natural enlargement exercises to increase my penis size permanently, and I started seeing my first gains within two weeks.

Tricks on How to Blow Your Load Across the Room

Do not Ooze...Shoot FarHaving the best orgasm is what you need at the end of a sexual encounter or masturbation session. The amount of sperm you ejaculate does not depend on how big your penis is and neither does size affect your sexual performance. It mainly depends on your genes, the type of body you have, and some other practices. There are many ways to increase your sexual performance and keep getting stronger orgasms. Let’s look at 5 tips how to load to blow your load across the room.

1. Diet, diet, diet.
This is one of the most important factors that can control your sexual stamina and semen production. Taking enough vitamins and minerals is essential to improve your testosterone levels, increase the production of semen and its health.
You should also avoid taking in too many processed foods as they add very little nutritional value and are likely to lead to impotence.
If you want your semen health to improve, try taking in less caffeine and alcohol as too much consumption of these stresses your body out and affects sexual health.
Smoking can be really harmful to your sperm health and production. Giving up on smoking will increase the antioxidant level in your semen, improving the health and even making cum taste better.
Taking supplements can considerably improve your sperm volume and sexual performance. These supplements are usually artificial forms of different vitamins and minerals and are believed to enhance sperm production. Increased intake of water is necessary as you need to keep your body hydrated. Otherwise, semen loads will be smaller and clumpy.

2. Exercise
Doing regular exercises and keeping yourself fit will increase metabolism in your body and improve your overall sexual health. Higher fitness levels give you more energy and tend to improve your sexual stamina and performance. Sperm production speeds up. Even a normal cardio and resistance training will give you the perfect fitness level for a better sexual health.

3. Good rest
A body that is tired all day, stressed out and lacks rest, will generally slow down the production of sperm and semen. Sleeping less than what your body demands will result in lesser production of semen. Therefore, it is important to get the proper amount of sleep, keeping the body and mind stress free. This will hugely improve the quality of sperm, semen volume and sexual performance.

4. Take some time off ejaculation
This is really important if you want to get a good orgasm and your sperm volume to be very high. After ejaculation, the body takes time to build up the various components that make up your semen, since it has less storage space for these. When you keep off from masturbation or sexual contact for a couple of days or a bit more, you will be able to get a really good orgasm and higher sperm production when you ejaculate the next time. This will improve your sexual performance and satisfy your partner more.

5. The start and stop method
This method involves stimulating the penis up to the level of orgasm or no-return and then stopping for a few minutes. After the stimulation level decreases, start again. If this process is repeated, it will boost your semen production and sperm volume as loads of sperm will be built up, just before ejaculation.

These few methods have proved to be really important to men who wanted to have sexual performance and blow a huge amount of load across the room. They give you a higher level of satisfaction and please your partner as well.

Top Advantages of Swallowing Cum

Why you should swallowWhile some may consider ejaculated semen erotic it is unappealing to others. Some couples are aroused by the behavior of a man ejaculating onto a female’s face or mouth during intercourse. A man may ejaculate onto a woman’s mouth during fellatio if the penis is not withdrawn at point of orgasm. Ultimately, the choice to swallow ejaculation is personal but it is important to ensure that your partner does not have an STD before swallowing. However, swallowing ejaculation does have some health benefits. This brief overview looks into the benefits of swallowing semen.

Top Advantages of Swallowing Cum

· Semen is considered a natural anti-depressant – A study by the State University of New York in Albany reported that exposure to semen decreases depression. This study compared students who were having sex with condoms versus without condoms and found out that the students having sex without condoms showed limited symptoms of depression. Semen antagonizes depressive symptoms as a result of the vagina absorbing semen components that are transmitted into the blood stream as well as when you swallow the semen. The anti-depressant properties of semen further help you sleep better. Semen contains melatonin, a chemical known to induce relaxation and sleep. When you ingest semen it is absorbed into the blood stream helping you sleep better.

· Semen is a multivitamin – A teaspoon of semen contains 200 proteins as well as nutritious vitamins, minerals such as vitamin C, chlorine, calcium, fructose, sodium, vitamin B12 lactic acid, citric acid, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen, zinc and potassium. Moreover, semen typically contains significant amounts of zinc which is an antioxidant that slows down the aging process. The high content of zinc in semen also helps in teeth whitening. However, the semen has to be consumed in copious amounts as just swallowing once will not whiten teeth. Nonetheless, the nutritional content of semen vary with age as well as relative health of a man. According to studies, due to the high nutritional content of semen, it can also help lower blood pressure. Females who swallow sperm tend to have a reduced risk of getting pregnancy complications such as preclampsia which happens due to high blood pressure. Moreover, exposure to a father’s semen in the period of pregnancy conditions the mother’s immune system to help tolerate concepts and successful pregnancy.

· Semen Lowers the risk of breast cancer as well as prostate cancer – A report by The Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that males who ejaculate frequently have lower rates of prostate cancer. The act of ejaculation reduced the risk of prostate cancer. Nonetheless, studies have indicated that men do not benefit from swallowing semen as much as females, but you still have to make sure that the taste is proper so your girl has a delightful experience. More studies have shown that women who swallow semen have a reduced risk of getting cancer compared to women who do not swallow semen since seminal exposure is associated to reduced risk of breast cancer.

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Notably, many of the studies done on the health benefits of semen are dependent on statistical correlations between surveys. More studies are being done on how semen is absorbed into a female’s blood stream. You can now go ahead and make an informed decision on whether to swallow semen or not. However, semen contains high nutritional content that is beneficial to the body.

What It Takes To Be An Adonis Alpha Male?

Girl Really Wants an Adonis AlphaWhen you say Adonis, it usually refers to a man who is handsome, has a great physique, and makes women blush by just looking at them, basically the perfect physical male. An alpha male, on the other hand, is some someone who is successful, responsible, and confident, someone who is basically considered a winner. Most guys aspire to be either one or the other, but there are those who are lucky enough to be called the Adonis Alpha male.

If the definition of an Adonis alpha male will be followed, it’s easy to see that a lot of the star athletes and movie stars fit this description. No one can deny that a lot of these athletes and actors are considered Adonis with their great physique, handsome looks, and charm with the ladies. And since these stars are considered dominant and successful in their respective fields and confident with their craft, dubbing as alpha males will be a no-brainer. A lot of people, both men and women, look up to them and idolize them. Men even try to imitate them in hopes of becoming like them.

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Though it is a treat to see these stars with their great physical appearances perform successfully in their field, it’s actually simple to get to where they are and achieve what they achieved. It only requires hard work, patience, and determination. Take a look at Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, who have successfully played Steve Rogers/Captain America and Thor, respectively for the Marvel Studios. It took them months of training and hard work on a daily basis to achieve their god-like physiques and keep their god-like appearance. It also took patience and determination for them to land the roles that catapulted them to success.

For athletes, take a look at former NBA player Kobe Bryant. He has won five NBA Championships and became an MVP with the Los Angeles Lakers, and was the face of the league for several years. He was able to perform amazing feats inside a basketball court and was considered as one of the best players to ever play the game. But it took him years of constantly working hard to take care of his body and hone his craft in order to dominate on the court and achieve greatness. It took hunger, courage, and determination to overcome the challenges that came before him and become successful.

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Of course, there are those who are born to be a natural Adonis alpha male because of their natural talents and physical abilities. But these natural still needed hunger, hard work, and determination to achieve success in life. Take LeBron James for example, a naturally gifted and talented basketball player, but it took him a while to finally win an NBA championship.

Not all men are born as an Adonis alpha male, but all men can be like that with the right attitude and characteristics. Hunger will be the fuel that will push them, hard work, and courage will help them towards the journey, and it will be patience and determination that will support them through the hard times.

How to Cum Twice in a Row? (For Men)


The Fine Art of Multiple Orgasms

The Fine Art of Multiple Orgasms

Are multiple orgasms in the same league as unicorns? Chances are, if you can only have one orgasm at a time, you’re jealous of people who say they go back for seconds. We’ll take a look and compare and contrast women and men below.

Here She Cums Again!

Sex is a real head game for women. For so many women, having an orgasm is difficult, especially with a partner. Multiple orgasms are much more commonplace in women than in men. But, it can still be tricky for women now and then. Women have a reputation for “faking” orgasm from time to time, and there’s probably some truth to that. It’s much easier for a woman to pretend that it is for a man.

So, when the mood is right, the stimulation is right, and the distractions are limited, a woman may get lucky! Right after a satisfying orgasm, a woman’s clitoris may be too sensitive to touch. This sensation will only last for a short time. At that point, further stimulation can lead to further orgasms. Unlike men, a woman is not limited in the number of orgasms she can have in a passionate session.

Some compare a woman’s orgasms to waves in the sea. I think that’s a good analogy. An orgasm will come crashing in to shore, subside, and then crash again. Sometimes secondary orgasms are as strong as the first one. But usually, according to anecdotal evidence, the first one is the best.

Now… Hold on a Minute!

Most men will tell you that they can only cum once. Some men, though, say they know a trick that will work. You might be thinking that it’s more of a possibility in a young man than an older man. But, that’s not how it works.

Men that boast of multiple orgasms usually practice on their own a great deal. It requires patience and training. This is easier for a more mature man. Once you’re past fifteen, it’s hard to climax a second time, or in short order.
The technique consists of stimulating the penis almost to orgasm. Instead of ejaculating, let the sensation subside. Repeat this as much as desired. Then, you will use the squeeze technique to prohibit ejaculation while feeling the sensation of orgasm.

Just as orgasm is approaching, squeeze the penis just below the head. After the feeling of orgasm subsides, continue stimulation. The sensation will build again, until you reach the moment of truth. You can try for another dry orgasm, or give in to total release.

You might be skeptical. Like I said, it’s going to take lots of practice to master this. You’re probably not going to get it on the first take. Be patient and work on your technique.

Another popular opinion is that tantric yoga can induce multiple orgasms. Yogis swear by it. Tantric, or tantra style yoga, practiced correctly, is said to lead to higher levels of consciousness. Claims of nine hour orgasms run rampant in this community. Nine hours though?

Tantric yoga is described as being about orgasm, but not about sex. Hmmm… that explains it. Here I was, thinking “How can you have a nine-hour orgasm? You have to call the Doctor for an erection lasting more than four hours!” So, when you’re practicing your multiple orgasms, don’t go for sessions that last longer than four hours.

Cumming to an End

To sum it up, consider that there are quite a few people that are non-orgasmic. In comparison, having one orgasm seems like a good deal. If you’re an over achiever, or just looking for some additional good times, consider the advice above.
Have fun! Don’t scare yourself!

3 Powerful Oral Sex Techniques to Apply on Her

Girl waiting to have her pussy eatenShe answers your call at will and always has an excuse for not making it to your place. This may be the first smoking gun to her disappointment and frustrating oral sex experience. Every lady does not just deserve any oral sex but deserves adventurous, unforgettable and unrushed oral sex. However, a majority of men have failed to understand the significance of mind-blowing oral sex to her. It unlocks her trust, honesty, loyalty and most importantly earns her submission.

A significant percentage of men always think of reaching her melons or twins and some seconds of going down on her as the real definition of oral sex. She deserves better and when she can’t get it from you, remember someone is always warming up for that opportunity to surpass your oral sex skills. Most men continue to develop a sense of pride and pitch themselves as the perfect givers of oral sex after making some rushed touches and mishandling their tongues in anticipation of creating an unforgettable experience. Surprisingly, most ladies do not remember anything beyond the doorstep, and the only thing they can remember when asked by their friend how the experience was is “pathetic.”

There is no better way to demonstrate how much you adore and love her than giving a powerful and unforgettable oral sex the way she dreams about it, think, fantasize and how she wants it. Achieving this may be far-fetched considering all your past efforts have been graded as pathetic. You can still make it to her by following these simple but powerful oral sex techniques for a pleasurable orgasm.

Arousal Magic Technique

Women can be compared to one of your favorite handcrafted dishes. Just like you have to get all the ingredients ready before you start preparing the meal, the body of a woman acts in the same way. She is never ready, and you need to warm her up for a pleasurable moment. One secret to arousal magic is the need to be totally relaxed and do not focus on your tongue as the best women at the start. Slowly kiss her neck while holding using one of your hands to try to position her head in a way that will flexibly enable you alternate kissing her ear lobes, neck, cheeks, and well-calculated forehead kiss as you change sides. This may seem simple, but it sets the right ground for a powerful organism.

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Oral Alphabet Multiplier

Many women get turned off when they can predict what you are going to do next. Oral alphabetism technique allows you to take advantage of the silent, but powerful tongue muscles to make as many alphabetic letters as you can. This way, your next tongue moves will be unknown to her, and she squirms full of orgasmic delight.

The Three Course Meal Technique

This oral sex technique requires the perfect coordination of your tongue, index finger and controlled humming while going down on her, as you make some consistent circular moves with your tongue, use your index finger to take control of her clit slowly. Humming has been established as one of the best ways to consistently arouse a woman, just don’t overdo it just control it to avoid distracting her. While doing all these, observe her body movement and facial expressions to know when not to stop or distract her as all you have been doing will be a waste of time when she “reset” herself.

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