beautiful girl wanting a big dickWe can go as far to say that size does not matter to most women, and for the most part it is true. However even with that said sometimes it is not enough for most guys. So do women prefer a big penis? There is no one answer to this question. Sure there are women that prefer a bigger penis and there also women, who don`t find penis size important at all. There are men, who get worried, concerned and even paranoid, because they believe their penis is small. A lot of the times men are avoiding sexual contact because they are afraid of a woman looking at them naked. They are afraid of their reaction. What if they tell all her friends that you have a small penis? What if she is unable to reach an orgasm because of your small size? What if she is turned off by your small penis size? There are a many reasons why big penis size is important to some men.


For one thing having a big penis can make a man feel a whole lot better about himself. When you have nothing to worry about particularly the size of your penis it makes it a lot easier to focus on the more important things. Being more confident is something that also attracts women. Women do not particularly like men who have low self-esteem. It can be sometimes be viewed as a weakness.

A Bigger Penis Can be Seen as a “Manly” Thing

Another reason why big penis size can be important is because it is what defines our manhood so to speak. Think about it like this, you go to the gym, build up muscles to get strong, and then go to the shower. Next thing you know you are standing next to someone who is shorter, skinnier, yet is hung a lot lower than you are. Sure you might have the better looking body, but the fact a skinnier and physically weaker man is well endowed might make you think differently. Who’s manlier now? It is a response that a lot of guys get. The size of a man’s penis can mean a lot in terms of power and manliness. It is what defines our masculinity and a penis that is considered small can really make him feel less of a man even inferior.

Sexual Pleasure for Women

Not all women want a big penis, but then again some do. The idea of having a big penis can make women turn your way. For us guys the fact that we have a big penis will give us more confidence in bed as well. That means nothing to cloud your mind, and more focus on pleasuring her. It has also been shown that a large girth is much more pleasurable for a woman so think about that if you are considering penis enlargement (Read: How to Talk Dirty to Your Girl!)

A lot of women to prefer a big penis, but not a massive one. And maybe the girl you would really like to have sex with does prefer a big penis and maybe you are just being paranoid. I really don`t know. But getting over insecurity and anxiety is very hard and when it comes to penis size and sexual performance, then penis enlargement is often the only way.