Oral sex gives such a fantastic feeling. In fact, most women prefer it to penetrative sex. Therefore, you should go down on your woman every time you make love. This way, she will actually adore you.

Now, how should you lick pussy? Are you doing it right? Many men don’t actually know how to lick it. There are awesome ways of using your tongue to drive her insane. She can even achieve an orgasm without you getting into her.

A good pussy licker is usually loved by girls. If you want your girl to stick by you no matter what, learn how to lick her pussy professionally. Check out these amazing techniques.

1. Spend more time on her “bean”

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s genitals. It’s fully responsible for all the pleasure she feels during love making. This is where you should concentrate more. 

This doesn’t mean other parts aren’t important. Of course every part plays a role. You can lick her labia gently and extend your tongue into her vagina. When she is turned on well, she will enjoy your licking no matter the position your tongue lands.

Licking pussy is an art that should be mastered. That’s why porn stars never go wrong when it comes to this. Mostly, you’ll find a girl squirting her juices all over from just getting some clit-job.
Now that you know the “bean” is the real deal down there, give it more. Let your tongue move smoothly over it and give it all the pleasure it deserves. Make sure you adjust speed depending on her reaction. A little moaning and movements should let you know that she is enjoying. You can go a bit faster, tease her and continue working on the clit. 
Move your tongue from the bottom towards the clit. When there, let it move in circles, giving the clit some sweet moments.

2. Stay gentle
Pussy is one of the softest and smoothest organs in a girl’s body. It has the same skin like that of a penis head. This is why you should be very gentle and careful.

Going down on her should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. See the way you lick some sweet ice cream? With the same energy, focus on the pussy. Make sure it’s well lubricated to avoid any bruises. If she is dry, then that means she isn’t enjoying. Use some lubricant to bring her back to the game.

By gentle, I don’t mean you should be lazy. Of course the pussy also gets its pleasure from being stimulated with a little pressure. Exert some force on it using your tongue. It shouldn’t be too much since it may ruin everything.

You should also take short breaks to ask her what she wants and how she feels. Don’t take a one-minute break. That’s too long! One second should be enough for you to ask her anything. Follow her instructions. Go faster when she needs it and exert more pressure if she says it. She is the fucking boss!

3. Take your time
Many girls often say, “My guy only goes down on me for five minutes. It hurts!” For sure, that hurts. Imagine being given just one spoonful of your favorite ice cream when there’s more in the tin? You can literally cry. Many girls do. However, you can only get to hear about them in a private girls’ talk.

Make sure you spend enough time on her pussy until she directs you somewhere else. When you start licking it, she may not feel much sweetness. This however depends on how horny she is. As you continue eating her juices, she will start feeling nice until the pleasure gets so intense. At this point, she can easily squirt in your mouth; amazing!
If you just lick her for a few minutes, she may not feel all the pleasure that her body is capable of giving. She may even hate you. You don’t want that, do you? 

Make sure you explore all her favorite pussy spots. Dip your tongue in her vagina and move it in rounds. She will be moaning loudly. 

A woman whose pussy is well licked is always happy. You could be wondering what secret porn stars use. It is simple. Take your time to explore her hotspot gently. Afterwards, you can give her a breathtaking orgasm in an incredible love making session. She will literally worship you. If you have any problem with maintaining an erection, there are some awesome solutions for you. Lick some pussy today and improve a girl’s mood.