Penis enlargement or enhancement is the process of lengthening and dilating the penile tissue to obtain the desired length, girth and head. It is important to analyze the process in terms of safety, naturalness, and the effectiveness of male enhancement techniques. Research has shown that 82% of women wanted their partner to have a bigger and harder penis. It really proves that penis size is important to maintain a healthy relationship for better woman satisfaction during mating. Below are three powerful ways on how to grow your dick bigger.

Jelquing Exercises

This exercise makes you have a stronger and bigger penis. It helps by increasing the amount of blood circulation through the penis. To conduct this exercise, you first have to massage the penis tip with your thumb and later with your hand, after that squeeze and press down the penis head. Doing this repeatedly will increase the rate at which the blood is flowing through the penis particularly when you erect and stretch the penis. Use both of your hands to do this activity and change them after every set. You will enlarge your penis and increase blood flow when you use jelquing exercises.

Use a Penis Extender

Using the penis extender is another technique that will enlarge your penis. It’s one of the highly used methods among men since it is simple to use and effective. It works by increasing and pumping more blood through the penis, the penis thus grows bigger as more blood flows through the main blood chambers. The erectile tissues expand when a lot of blood flows into the chambers, making your manhood become stronger and bigger. A lot of men are using this product because it is effective and it takes a short time to see the results. To use the extender, you just place it in your penis and leave it to do its work even when doing other activities. If you want to impress your woman, try using a penis extender to enlarge your penis.


Use A Penis Pump


This is one of the popular techniques to use. It’s a natural method and it is mostly used when you are having sex. The pump works by increasing the blood flow, making the penis erect for a long time and enlarging the penis. For individuals who are under radiation therapy or prostate process, the penis pump tends to be helpful. This device also helps people who have erectile dysfunction. It forces blood flow into the penis making it increase in size Don’t be embarrassed, buy a penis pump and impress your woman. The device is simple, safe and effective to use.



Men who are short or average strive for a method that really makes them bigger. The search for a larger penis is obvious because of the many benefits involved. A man of huge size always has a great sex life, he becomes an incredible lover; Women always want to be with him and what to return for more, because they enjoy it when it is bigger, a small penis makes a man lack the sexual self-confidence. The above methods can really increase your penis. If you have dreamed of a big penis, the 3 methods will really help you.