VigRX Plus Review: Is it Worth Its Money?

A lot of men are nowadays suffering from infertility issues. Although there are some natural ways that can help them get over such a difficult situation, like proper nutrition and exercise, the use of supplements can be the key to quick recovery.

VigRX Plus is a popular and effective product in the field of male enhancement that has shown some promising results in helping men fight any sexual problems they may experience in the bedroom. Let us see more closely the specific characteristics of that product.

Introduction of VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is annaturally found formula, clinically tested and proven to provide positive results when consumed on a daily basis.

Its efficacy and safety make it a good solution if you are suffering from infertility issues or from sexual problems in general.

Active ingredients in this formula

The combination of ingredients this product consists of are all capable of increasing the levels of testosterone, as well as the amount of semen a man can produce when he orgasms.

The most important active ingredients in VigRX Plus are the following: Muira Puama, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana and Epimedium extract.

Muira Puama and Ginkgo are included in many supplements because they can act as aphrodisiacs. They can both increase the amount of semen a man is able to produce and they can also, help you achieve harder erections.

Damiana and Epimedium extract are two well-known ingredients and they act by increasing the blood flow, and therefore the amount of oxygen that reaches the genital region of males.

Daily Dosage of VigRX Plus

Every supplement has an optimum dosage that should be taken daily to ensure the best possible results.

The same applies for VigRX Plus. The company behind the product’s release advises users to receive 2 pills every day for two months or more in order to experience some great results.

It is also, important that you take the pills about 3 hours before the sexual act, to give the formula some time to work.

Expected results after you start using VigRX Plus

When we stick to a supplement, we wish to experience some great results as soon as possible. Thankfully, VigRX Plus is there to provide us with a positive change in our daily routine quickly after we start using it regularly. So, what results will you be able to see after you start taking those pills regularly?

To start with, your body will start to change during your sexual encounters. Your erections will become harder and stronger, you will produce a lot more cum and your orgasms will get more intense.

That is going to affect your psychological health, as well. Your partner will be most satisfied, as well and she will crave for more sex. That will make you feel strong again, and it will bring back your long-lost self-esteem.

How expensive is VigRX Plus?

The cost of purchasing VigRX Plus is not that high. The final price changes a bit depending on the retailer you wish to purchase the product from.

A full-year supply will normally cost you around $489, while a one-month package will cost you around $72.

A comparison against similar products

Apart from VigRX Plus, there are some other available products in the global market, that are as much effective as VigRX Plus. They can actually help men fight off any infertility issues quickly and effectively.

Those products are the brand-named Semenax and Volume Pills. Although their main purpose is the same, those three products have some basic differences.

To start with, the ingredients vary a lot in each product. Semenax contains mainly L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Muira Puama and Zinc Oxide, while Volume Pills are mostly comprised of Ku Gua, Xian Mao and Zinc Oxide.

Another fact concerning those products is that Volume Pills have received some more medical endorsements, compared to the other two formulas.

Suffering from any type of sexual issue can be really unpleasant for everyone. Particularly for men, who are considered the natural leaders in the bedroom, it is important that they are able to be the ones who make their partner satisfied every time they have sex together.

Although a lot of men suffer from such issues nowadays, most of them have experienced a significant change in their everyday life when they started to receive one of the effective supplements mentioned above. After all, dealing with any situation that affects our relationships is vital if we wish to lead a healthy sexual life.

Volume Pills: Is it the Ultimate Semen Enhancer?


In modern days, a lot of men suffer from problems associated with their sexual life. One of the most common issues they have to cope with is the decreased production of semen. That can result in weak erections, poor orgasms and an overall mediocre sexual encounter.

Thankfully, there are some effective supplements on the market that can really make the difference we are in need of and make us produce larger quantities of sperm. One well-known product in this field is called Volume Pills. Let’s have a closer look at what exactly men of all ages can achieve after they start taking this formula regularly. 

A brief overview of Volume Pills

Volume Pills is considered a top supplement on the market nowadays for those suffering from low semen volume and inadequate ejaculations. 

There are a lot of medical endorsements that have proven the product’s efficacy and safety and the fact that they consist only of natural ingredients.

What are the most important expected results?

Men who start to take Volume Pills and stick to a daily routine soon discover that an improvement to their overall sexual and mental health has been achieved. 

You will soon be able to experience better and stronger orgasms, your semen volume will be enhanced a lot and this will result in a lot more confidence on your part in the bedroom, as well.

Volume pills work by increasing the levels of testosterone which is the main male hormone. The blood flow that reaches the man’s genital region is also, considerably increased. 

What are the active ingredients?

Volume Pills of a good combination of natural ingredients, all of which are known for their ability to boost testosterone levels in men and improve their sexual performance. 

Ku Gua is an Asian herb which is vital in the process of semen production. Therefore, it can increase the levels of testosterone and help you achieve stronger erections.

Zinc oxide is another popular compound that is used in a variety of male enhancement supplements due to its ability to help men produce bigger quantities of semen.

Solidin is an ingredient that immediately affects the neurons that’re associated with sexual pleasure. Finally, Drilizen is an important compound that increases the blood flow towards the genital region of men. 

What’s the ideal dosage?

When you decide to start taking a supplement, it is advisable that you stick to the ideal dosage from the very start. This will ensure that the product will be most effective and safe. For this reason, users are advised to take one to two pills of this product per day.

You should take the pills prior to your sexual activity and stick to this daily routine for at least 2 months.

How much do Volume Pills cost?

Volume Pills is available in a variety of online shops and retailers, as well as on the product’s official site. It is an overall affordable product and the company offers clients a 60-day money back guarantee in case they are not totally satisfied with it.

Depending on the amount of packs you wish to purchase, the company offers a variety of offers. A one-month package costs around $40, while a full year package can be purchased for about $350.

A brief comparison against Semenax and Volutrex

All of these products are well-known for their effective properties in the field of male enhancement. They mainly differ in their ingredients, their cost and the medical records that surround them. 

The common ingredient between Semenax and Volume Pills is the well-known Zinc Oxide. There is no other common compound between those 3 products. Semenax is mostly comprised of Hawthorne, Muira Puama and L-carnitine. 

Volutrex, on the other hand is mostly comprised of Saw Palmetto, Siberian Ginseng, Maca root and Yohimbe Bark extract. However, it is important that we understand that all of the above ingredients are capable of helping men improve their sexual life. 

Volutrex is available in liquid form, while the other two products are pills. Volume Pills has more medical endorsements compared to Volutrex and Semenax. 

It is true that having any type of sexual problem is frustrating for both men and women, Particularly for men who are considered the natural leaders in the bedroom, it is important that they feel secure and confident.

Volume Pills is a great choice for those men who have trouble achieving strong erections and satisfactory ejaculations. This product can increase the semen volume and help you lead an overall better sexual life.

3 Simple Ways to Make Her Squirt Using Your Tongue

Oral sex gives such a fantastic feeling. In fact, most women prefer it to penetrative sex. Therefore, you should go down on your woman every time you make love. This way, she will actually adore you.

Now, how should you lick pussy? Are you doing it right? Many men don’t actually know how to lick it. There are awesome ways of using your tongue to drive her insane. She can even achieve an orgasm without you getting into her.

A good pussy licker is usually loved by girls. If you want your girl to stick by you no matter what, learn how to lick her pussy professionally. Check out these amazing techniques.

1. Spend more time on her “bean”

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s genitals. It’s fully responsible for all the pleasure she feels during love making. This is where you should concentrate more. 

This doesn’t mean other parts aren’t important. Of course every part plays a role. You can lick her labia gently and extend your tongue into her vagina. When she is turned on well, she will enjoy your licking no matter the position your tongue lands.

Licking pussy is an art that should be mastered. That’s why porn stars never go wrong when it comes to this. Mostly, you’ll find a girl squirting her juices all over from just getting some clit-job.
Now that you know the “bean” is the real deal down there, give it more. Let your tongue move smoothly over it and give it all the pleasure it deserves. Make sure you adjust speed depending on her reaction. A little moaning and movements should let you know that she is enjoying. You can go a bit faster, tease her and continue working on the clit. 
Move your tongue from the bottom towards the clit. When there, let it move in circles, giving the clit some sweet moments.

2. Stay gentle
Pussy is one of the softest and smoothest organs in a girl’s body. It has the same skin like that of a penis head. This is why you should be very gentle and careful.

Going down on her should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. See the way you lick some sweet ice cream? With the same energy, focus on the pussy. Make sure it’s well lubricated to avoid any bruises. If she is dry, then that means she isn’t enjoying. Use some lubricant to bring her back to the game.

By gentle, I don’t mean you should be lazy. Of course the pussy also gets its pleasure from being stimulated with a little pressure. Exert some force on it using your tongue. It shouldn’t be too much since it may ruin everything.

You should also take short breaks to ask her what she wants and how she feels. Don’t take a one-minute break. That’s too long! One second should be enough for you to ask her anything. Follow her instructions. Go faster when she needs it and exert more pressure if she says it. She is the fucking boss!

3. Take your time
Many girls often say, “My guy only goes down on me for five minutes. It hurts!” For sure, that hurts. Imagine being given just one spoonful of your favorite ice cream when there’s more in the tin? You can literally cry. Many girls do. However, you can only get to hear about them in a private girls’ talk.

Make sure you spend enough time on her pussy until she directs you somewhere else. When you start licking it, she may not feel much sweetness. This however depends on how horny she is. As you continue eating her juices, she will start feeling nice until the pleasure gets so intense. At this point, she can easily squirt in your mouth; amazing!
If you just lick her for a few minutes, she may not feel all the pleasure that her body is capable of giving. She may even hate you. You don’t want that, do you? 

Make sure you explore all her favorite pussy spots. Dip your tongue in her vagina and move it in rounds. She will be moaning loudly. 

A woman whose pussy is well licked is always happy. You could be wondering what secret porn stars use. It is simple. Take your time to explore her hotspot gently. Afterwards, you can give her a breathtaking orgasm in an incredible love making session. She will literally worship you. If you have any problem with maintaining an erection, there are some awesome solutions for you. Lick some pussy today and improve a girl’s mood.

How to Make a Girl Cum? 3 Techniques That Will Make You a Sex god

make her cumThere’s nothing as glorious to a girl as achieving an orgasm. It’s something every girl yearns for every time they make love. The sad truth is that very few men can make a girl cum.

See, achieving an orgasm for a girl is a long process. However, it’s very easy for you as a man to make her cum if you play your cards well. You don’t just jump on her, insert your manhood, and ejaculate. It doesn’t work that way.

First, you need to have tools that will help you drive her crazy in bed.

So, what do you need?

• A good-sized manhood
Many people will low self esteem and small penises will often say,” Your size doesn’t matter. It just depends on how you use it”. This is a total lie. The truth is that a bigger manhood will satisfy your girl easier and faster than a small one.
The secret about a female orgasm is touching the walls of her vagina. It’s on the walls that you will get to touch her G spot. This is where all the pleasure lies. But how will you give her a breath-taking orgasm and violent gushing of her juices with a small manhood? This can be very difficult.
First, work on the size of your dick and get some muscles. In short, be sexually fit.

• Porn star energy
Apart from a big dick, you need a lot of energy to be able to maintain an erection long enough for your girl to cum. Skinny girls may take longer to achieve an orgasm than the fat ones. All in all, you need to last long enough to satisfy your partner. Pleasure doesn’t just end at an orgasm. Furthermore, she needs multiple orgasms.
Where do you get the porn star energy? Well, there are awesome supplements that you can use to boost your performance. They are all organic and you don’t have to worry about side effects. They can boost your libido, energy, and even increase your loads. You don’t know how much girls value sweet, loads of semen.

3 ways of making her cum

Once you’re equipped with these two things, it’s now time to get things going. How do you make her cum? Check this out.

1. Invest your time on foreplay
Unlike a man who can just see an attractive lady and have an erection, women are different. You will need a lot of time to just prepare her. Kiss her, caress her best spots, pull her hair gently, lick her nipples, and go down on her. You can also give her some finger if she likes.
This is the time when she gradually turns on and starts dancing to your tunes.
Foreplay is crucial as it brings your girl in the mood of having sex. In addition, it lubricates her vagina well so that your penis can penetrate smoothly. Make sure she is super horny before going to the next step.
2. Know what she enjoys and pay attention
Every girl responds to stimulations differently. You need to know what your girl likes. Is she the exploring type? Will she enjoy anal more than vaginal penetration? Does she like sex toys incorporated? Which touch drives her crazy?
If you don’t have all this information, don’t be afraid to ask.
Make sure you don’t sound like a HR guy interviewing new employees. It can be something like,” Aww babe, do you like it?”
Touch all the right places. Penetrate the depth she likes and explore all her favorite positions.
3. Do it like a pro
By now, you must have watched so many porn movies. Does the guy start in the missionary position and finish in the same position? Oh no. Women hate guys that can’t explore.
Change positions, alternate between pumping and touching, and do to her all the crazy things. Make sure she screams in pleasure and let out jets of squirt. 
Know how to achieve a complete erection and maintain it. How disappointing it can be if you finish before her!
Know when she’s enjoying and keep up the game. In no time, you will see her shaking in pleasure.

The awful reality is that many girls have never had an orgasm. This is why men need to up their game. Is your girl covered? Are you giving her multiple orgasms? If not, you need to do something. Increase your manhood size, get some energy, and increase your loads. This is the starter pack to a breath-taking orgasm.

Semenax-The Perfect Ingredient To Increase Your Sperm Count

SemenaxEverybody wants to make his lady happy when it comes to sex, right? Let’s be honest, the only way to do this is through finishing strong and you ejaculating substantial volumes of semen at each climax. While like everyone has watched a porn at a particular stage of life—which is actually not bad as the society has ‘branded’ it, there is always a scene that you remember and wish you could do the same. Don’t panic if you can’t achieve this, you are not alone and the world of medicine offers you more than enough remedies and perfect ingredients to increase your sperm count to help you re-install your position when it comes riding your woman.

What is Semenax, Do You Really Need It?

If you really want to avoid embarrassments that come with comparisons such as “leaking faucets”, then it’s time you make Semenax your closest companion. I don’t have words to describe it—a waterfall or fountain of semen! Hopes the message is home and dry. Your woman will love it, Semenax works to improve a series of mechanisms that facilitates erection and orgasm(muscles and seminal fluids). The ejaculation process is quite simple, your shaft will be hard as long as it has something to offer. Once the ejaculation is over, it has no option but to hit the sleep button. To improve on your sex time, quality and quantity of ejaculation, you have no option but to increase your semen volume. More semen guarantees longer orgasm which is actually enjoyable.

Senemax not only focus on improving your semen volumes but also the following key areas. To be an all round man, all the following need to be at their peak points.

Testosterone: Low testosterone levels may be the reason you have low sex drive, low semen and infertility. Senemax guarantees you improved testosterone levels.

Libido: This simply describes a person’s desire to engage in sex. Semenax acts as a good sex enhancer, it gives you the desire and strength to execute it properly.

Sperm Count and Motility: You obviously need a concentrated number of sperms and which are healthy, so they can fertilize if you wish to have a baby. Semenax will not only make your sperms strong, but increase their number in order to increase chances of having a kid.

Semenax Ingredients

The only thing that has enabled Semenax to withstand competition is its perfection in using a combination of optimal, harmless natural ingredients. Let’s take a look at Semenax ingredients:

L-Arginine and L-Lysine.
These are amino acids that combine to boost the libido and testosterone levels. To return the favor, your semen volume will increase giving you a longer period of sex.

Swedish Flower.
You have all the reasons to take good care of your prostate glands. They form the basis of healthy sex life and that’s why Swedish flower is available as the main ingredient in the Semenax. It is known to prevent serious diseases such as prostate cancer among others.

Pumpkin seeds.
Sounds crazy, but pumpkin seeds are known to improve the general health of the prostate glands.

For bigger, firm and longer erection.
Pine bark.
The extracts improve the nitric oxide levels which also enable boost the length of erection.

This natural occurring herb is known to improve blood circulation. You all know that erection is related to the pumping of blood due to veins around the penis. Therefore, it goes without saying the more blood, the harder and firm your erection is.

All the Semenax ingredients have one thing in common, they are all natural occurring and that’s why they are accepted by Food and Drug Administration Agencies across the globe as this product has no side effects unless you are allergic to some of the ingredients.

Semenax, Savior of Erectile Dysfunction and Premature-Ejaculation?

More studies and research have been put to test to determine whether Semenax really helps cure erectile dysfunction. Some men have reported positive results when they used Semenax paving way to even improve its performance when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment.

On the other hand, Semenax will help you deal with premature ejaculation as it will strengthen all the muscles and help harmonies the nerves that control ejaculation. If you have the ability to control the nerves physically and mentally, you can dictate when and how you are going to release the semen. It requires you to take Semenax and practice to perfect your bedroom activities. 

Its dosage is pretty simple, each bottle has 1200-capsules enough for a month. That means four pills a day, two in the morning and evening—tangible results are felt within the first week of usage but be sure to complete the dosage as prescribed. As noted earlier, Semenax has got no apparent side effects so far.
Where to Shop?
The best place to acquire this product is through the online platform. Be careful as rogue agents have mushroomed everywhere. Place your order through the official website. It is not all about money but helping the men in the world. Expect pocket friendly prices because the longer you use them, the more perfect you become too.

Semenax is arguably a game changer. If you wish to have absolute peace of mind and regain control, then you’ll have to partner with this amazing product. It’s insane guarantee should be enough to help you realize you can always count on it. This how it works, you will be given a total of 67 days to try the medication and if it doesn’t work you will be fully refunded!

3 Powerful Methods to Grow Your Dick Bigger

Penis enlargement or enhancement is the process of lengthening and dilating the penile tissue to obtain the desired length, girth and head. It is important to analyze the process in terms of safety, naturalness, and the effectiveness of male enhancement techniques. Research has shown that 82% of women wanted their partner to have a bigger and harder penis. It really proves that penis size is important to maintain a healthy relationship for better woman satisfaction during mating. Below are three powerful ways on how to grow your dick bigger.

Jelquing Exercises

This exercise makes you have a stronger and bigger penis. It helps by increasing the amount of blood circulation through the penis. To conduct this exercise, you first have to massage the penis tip with your thumb and later with your hand, after that squeeze and press down the penis head. Doing this repeatedly will increase the rate at which the blood is flowing through the penis particularly when you erect and stretch the penis. Use both of your hands to do this activity and change them after every set. You will enlarge your penis and increase blood flow when you use jelquing exercises.

Use a Penis Extender

Using the penis extender is another technique that will enlarge your penis. It’s one of the highly used methods among men since it is simple to use and effective. It works by increasing and pumping more blood through the penis, the penis thus grows bigger as more blood flows through the main blood chambers. The erectile tissues expand when a lot of blood flows into the chambers, making your manhood become stronger and bigger. A lot of men are using this product because it is effective and it takes a short time to see the results. To use the extender, you just place it in your penis and leave it to do its work even when doing other activities. If you want to impress your woman, try using a penis extender to enlarge your penis.


Use A Penis Pump


This is one of the popular techniques to use. It’s a natural method and it is mostly used when you are having sex. The pump works by increasing the blood flow, making the penis erect for a long time and enlarging the penis. For individuals who are under radiation therapy or prostate process, the penis pump tends to be helpful. This device also helps people who have erectile dysfunction. It forces blood flow into the penis making it increase in size Don’t be embarrassed, buy a penis pump and impress your woman. The device is simple, safe and effective to use.



Men who are short or average strive for a method that really makes them bigger. The search for a larger penis is obvious because of the many benefits involved. A man of huge size always has a great sex life, he becomes an incredible lover; Women always want to be with him and what to return for more, because they enjoy it when it is bigger, a small penis makes a man lack the sexual self-confidence. The above methods can really increase your penis. If you have dreamed of a big penis, the 3 methods will really help you.

Shoot Ropes Review – A Natural Roadmap to Increase Your Sperm Count

While millions of women are drowning in relationships where they are not sexually satisfied, a lot of men too are suffering. Low sperm count and weak erections not only affect a man’s self-esteem but also their ability to enjoy sex. The truth is, if you cannot get hard enough and sustain that erection for long, your sexual pleasure will be as limited as that of the woman. Shooting a small load also means that your climax will only last for a few seconds and then it’s over. It also means you cannot go for take two because your sperm production is slow and you need a longer time to recover.

What Causes Low Sperm Count

Low sperm production is caused by low testosterone levels. The hormonal depreciation comes as a result of poor diet and other lifestyle habits that cause a man to produce less sperms. This means that the only way to remedy this problem is to go back to eating the right foods and living a life that supports healthy sperm production.

What is Shoot Ropes?

Shoot ropes is not a magic pill or cream that promises to encourage your body to produce more sperms. It is a program designed to help men who are ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes to see the desired results. The truth is, no pill or cream can make your body do something in the long run. The tips and tricks in the Shoot Ropes Program have been derived from years of research and interviews with top pornstars who make other men feel like failures.

What You Get From Shoot Ropes Program

The program consists of five major parts that cover:

  1. Secrets to a pornstars diet. You will get all the details of super foods that boost testosterone levels and libido. You also get to know the foods that are bad for you in that department.
  2. Supplements that work. In this guide, you will find out what supplements work and when to take them. The internet is full of natural supplements that promise to transform your sex life but they rarely work because the body rejects the phytochemicals used in those pills.
  3. Tips and tricks to enhance testosterone levels. This includes lifestyle changes and habits you should adopt and those you must discard to transform your body.
  4. 12 hints on amazing orgasm. You get hands-on tricks that you can use daily to boost your performance. If you follow the methods, you will enjoy increased stamina, hard erections and control over when you ejaculate.
  5. Finally, proven techniques that are sure to increase your ejaculation volume and power.

As a bonus, the author David Mclaren gives you a recipe for a powerful smoothie used by pornstars to boost strength and semen volume. You also get another bonus called “Secrets to a Tasty Load” which outlines the foods and drinks you can have to make your semen taste amazing.


  • it is a lifestyle change so it’s completely safe
  • produces quick results
  • the program is easy to follow and understand


If you have suffered from low sperm count and lazy erections, you might have tried all sorts of supplements with no relief, but this one is different. The Shoot Ropes program is guaranteed to give you up to 700% improvement with a money back guarantee. It will not just benefit your sex life but your overall health as well.

3 Techniques to Ejaculate More for Men

Is there a possibility to ejaculate more like a man? Yes. Different men have various different thoughts on the possibility of them being able to cum more than twice. Many men view the possibility of cumming twice as a lie since most of them say a person needs to take an hour after cumming or taking a few days off sexual intercourse in order to make your body more sensitive.

After the ejaculation process in men, most of them have roughly around 30 minute’s period for the refractory process to occur. During the refractory period, the man’s body relaxes before it is able to recharge for the next period of sexual intercourse. This is different compared to women who require you to continually fuck them harder.

Since no one would like to look like a failure after ejaculation, here are some of the important techniques a man should use to ejaculate more than three times.

Discover the various secrets effects of an effective prostate milking

An important question we should ask yourself is there any benefit of being able to come more than twice? The answer is yes. A brain research scan done on men when they are ejaculating showed that their brains were more active and brighter making their brains to have the capability of processing things much faster.

A scientific study was also done on men who were experiencing migraines by dividing them into two different groups; those that will not have sex and those that would not. The scientist was able to discover that the individuals who did not have sex were still being affected by migraines.

A third of the individuals who engaged in sexual intercourse were happy since the migraine was over and were feeling better while the remaining fraction reported that they were still experiencing migraine but was in a less severe manner. This was as a result of the brains of the individuals releasing endorphins which makes a person feel good while ejaculating and also act as a pain reliever.

3 important techniques to ejaculate more for men

The ability of a man being able to ejaculate more requires much hard work patience and persistence. This can be done when a person practices not to ejaculate and as a result, the 30 minutes taken for refractory will not occur. This can be achieved by practicing the following steps below.

1. Practice doing the Kegel exercises.
A person is required to do the exercise which helps them hold their ejaculation. This can be achieved by being able to locate pubococcygeal(PC) muscles and holding them for at least 10 times a day for 5 seconds.

2. Try testing yourself.
After holding your muscles for a week or more, try to masturbate. When you are at the climax try to contract the PC muscles for about 5 seconds before relaxing. A person is likely to be disappointed for the first and probably the second time but this will improve with time.

3. Practice regularly with your partner.
Practicing regularly with your partner gives you much experience. Fuck your partner hard as you can and when you are almost to cumming try contracting your PC muscles for minutes 5 or more relax then continue having sex. This will make both of you experience much pleasure.

In conclusion
It is important for a man to be able to ejaculate more so as to increase the pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Ways To Get Her To Have A Screaming, Squirting Climax During Sex

All ladies want a squirting orgasmPart of being a guy is a drive to be the guy who leads the pack above all others. Nowhere is that more true than in the bedroom. You’re not a real man if you don’t want to be the best lover any girl you’ve ever been with has ever had. The way to be the best lover any girl has ever had is to give her the hardest, wildest, the most intense climax of her life. But how do you do that?

There are a few different ways, and which method you would be best off employing depends on several factors, the most important being which one comes the most naturally to you, and take into account that masturbation is also an option. Don’t worry; you’ll have a better idea of that when you finish reading below. In time, you want to be able to utilize all three of these methods at will so you always have a way to make your girl climax hard. Remember that every girl is different, and sometimes you will be with a girl who doesn’t respond to one method but responds very well to one of the others.

Here are three ways to get a girl to have a screaming, squirting climax during intercourse as she has never had before.

1. Fluttering fingers! Simply put, this is where you make your girl climax hard by stimulating her clitoris with your fingers. This sounds simple, but there are a few very specific things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you probably won’t be able to give her a hard climax using just your fingers and nothing else. In other words, the fingering should be done during intercourse to provide that added stimulation to push her over the edge. My favorite position which I think makes it very easy to utilize this technique is when I’m on my back, and my girl is riding on top. Another option is doggy style with you reaching around. One more thing to keep in mind. The clitoris is very delicate, and your fingers are stronger than you think. Be very gentle at all times and do not use too much pressure!

2. A talented tongue! There isn’t a woman on the planet who doesn’t enjoy receiving oral sex. The better you are at performing this, the more satisfied the girls you sleep with will be. I like to start off slow, tease the area around her vagina a lot, then when she’s into it I start focusing on her clitoris. I start out by trying several different motions, and I read her body language to figure out which one she’s responding the best too. Once I figure that out, I “stay the course” until she has an explosive orgasm. Another bonus to doing it this way is once she climaxes, she will be extremely wet, and it will feel much better when you’re inside her!

Learn the tricks on how to blow your load across the room!

3. A long, thick penis! Simply put, the easiest way to give your girl the hardest orgasms of her life is to create more friction, more intense sensations than she has ever experienced during intercourse by thrusting in and out of her with a penis that is much longer and thicker than average. I’ve been only 5.5 inches, and now I’m very well endowed, and I can tell you point blank that being well above average is better than being below average. The reaction I get from women now is so much better than it was before. I used natural enlargement exercises to increase my penis size permanently, and I started seeing my first gains within two weeks.

Tricks on How to Blow Your Load Across the Room

Do not Ooze...Shoot FarHaving the best orgasm is what you need at the end of a sexual encounter or masturbation session. The amount of sperm you ejaculate does not depend on how big your penis is and neither does size affect your sexual performance. It mainly depends on your genes, the type of body you have, and some other practices. There are many ways to increase your sexual performance and keep getting stronger orgasms. Let’s look at 5 tips how to load to blow your load across the room.

1. Diet, diet, diet.
This is one of the most important factors that can control your sexual stamina and semen production. Taking enough vitamins and minerals is essential to improve your testosterone levels, increase the production of semen and its health.
You should also avoid taking in too many processed foods as they add very little nutritional value and are likely to lead to impotence.
If you want your semen health to improve, try taking in less caffeine and alcohol as too much consumption of these stresses your body out and affects sexual health.
Smoking can be really harmful to your sperm health and production. Giving up on smoking will increase the antioxidant level in your semen, improving the health and even making cum taste better.
Taking supplements can considerably improve your sperm volume and sexual performance. These supplements are usually artificial forms of different vitamins and minerals and are believed to enhance sperm production. Increased intake of water is necessary as you need to keep your body hydrated. Otherwise, semen loads will be smaller and clumpy.

2. Exercise
Doing regular exercises and keeping yourself fit will increase metabolism in your body and improve your overall sexual health. Higher fitness levels give you more energy and tend to improve your sexual stamina and performance. Sperm production speeds up. Even a normal cardio and resistance training will give you the perfect fitness level for a better sexual health.

3. Good rest
A body that is tired all day, stressed out and lacks rest, will generally slow down the production of sperm and semen. Sleeping less than what your body demands will result in lesser production of semen. Therefore, it is important to get the proper amount of sleep, keeping the body and mind stress free. This will hugely improve the quality of sperm, semen volume and sexual performance.

4. Take some time off ejaculation
This is really important if you want to get a good orgasm and your sperm volume to be very high. After ejaculation, the body takes time to build up the various components that make up your semen, since it has less storage space for these. When you keep off from masturbation or sexual contact for a couple of days or a bit more, you will be able to get a really good orgasm and higher sperm production when you ejaculate the next time. This will improve your sexual performance and satisfy your partner more.

5. The start and stop method
This method involves stimulating the penis up to the level of orgasm or no-return and then stopping for a few minutes. After the stimulation level decreases, start again. If this process is repeated, it will boost your semen production and sperm volume as loads of sperm will be built up, just before ejaculation.

These few methods have proved to be really important to men who wanted to have sexual performance and blow a huge amount of load across the room. They give you a higher level of satisfaction and please your partner as well.

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